3D Printing


With over 50 years of experience in material compounding and coloring, NHH has been a major force in the supply chain of manufacturing industry in Asia. Utilizing its accumulated engineering experience through the years, NHH is taking part into the emerging 3D Printing industry. Building upon its technical foundation and knowledge, NHH serves its customers with top quality filaments and outstanding printing services.

Hong Kong

NHH, having its headquarters in Hong Kong, has helped the company in developIng closed relationships with local universities here. And by applying its knowledge on materials, NHH has helped in developing different research and development projects/applications for the universities. Through these interactions, NHH3DPRINTING team has also gained valuable experience from universities’ researchers and students.. As a result of these partnerships, NHH’s filaments and Printing service are constantly improving.

Moreover, by using the combination of 3D Printing and material compounding, NHH is able to provide 3D Printing customers with unique services. NHH not only can provide assistance on coloring, it also can design and formulate filaments/materials for specific applications.

United States of America

US Inventory in San Fransico has been set up to serve the US market. By utilizing developed logistic services in North America, this inventory can help to provide filaments to customers in different location of this market.