Bright colours help highlight the product's advantages

2018-10-31(Sources: NHH)

  According to research, people may leave a first impression for a product in the form of color within 7 seconds. If the design of a product with suitable colour, it will definitely capture the first sight of consumers. Ngai Hing Hong provides professional, one-stop Colourants Services which give your products a twist of colour!


  With the rapidly development and widely usage of plastic materials, the available choices of colouring materials are very broad. You may choose the best and suitable colour for your products through our Colourants Services and thus enhance products’ recognition and attractiveness for better promotion results.


Scope of Our Services:

*   Provide the services of colour compounding of plastic resins

*   Provide the services of computerized colour matching

*   Manufacture and trade pigment blends and masterbatches

*   Manufacture and trade additives

*   Trade ancillary machines for fabrication

*   Provide the services of materials analyzing


  By means of advanced computerized colour matching technology and adhering stringent quality control system and procedure, we offers customers with on time short supply chain cycle service of tailor-made quality pigments, colour masterbatches, functional masterbatches, and compounded plastic resins. Our competent technical team has successfully developed colour masterbatches with its own registered brand-names of use in injection moulding, blown film, fibre spinning, lamination and extrusion.


  Not only colour has a decorative function, but also adds attractions to product and shaping the best visual effects and promotion results. Through one-stop Colourants Services and tailor-made solutions, we will become your ultimate partner and establish a long-term, stable relationship with you.