Ngai Hing Hong’s Quality Black Masterbatches bring out the best performance of plastic products

2018-10-03(Sources: NHH)


  Are you looking for black masterbatches with high gloss, high degree of jet-ness with desirable dispersion? Searching for a good quality yet economical black masterbatches is not an easy task! Ngai Hing Hong’s specially formulated black masterbatches were selected in a scientific way. They can indeed bring out the best performance and quality of your plastic products.


  With the rapidly research and development of plastic materials and colourings, the available choices of colouring materials are broad and diversify. Masterbatches are common and have the best overall performance among the other colouring materials. It is a polymer with high concentrated colourants contained in the resin homogeneously.


Our specially formulated black masterbatches (product series: M) can be classified into 3 categories:


1. Premium Grade Black Masterbatches for Film

The premium grade black masterbatches have been specially formulated based on our years of experience which have proved to have overcome this dispersion problem. The high gloss silky surface finish properties make them as an ideal choice for film blowing.

Products series: M3 / M13 / M23


2. Premium Injection Moulding Grade Black Masterbatches

This series uses premium quality and specially processed polymer as their carrier. They are highly compatible with most of the common plastics used in the industry, and have been found to have not caused any adverse effects on the overall physical properties of the finished moulded items. Their excellent gloss performance, high degree of jet-ness and good tinting strength have enabled they are suitable for the manufacture of high quality injection moulding products.

Products series: M5 / M6 / M7 / M16 / M19


3. Professional Extrusion Grade Black Masterbatches

This professional extrusion series black masterbatches has the characteristics of high degree of jet-ness and good tinting strength. They are cost effective masterbatches as proved by their low let down ratio property, and are suitable for general purpose extrusion.

Products series: M18


We are your ultimate partner! Our specially formulated black masterbatches are suitable for several plastics processing such as injection moulding, blow molding, film, etc. They are implemented in multiple fields included domestic electric appliance, wire and cable, toys, plastic bags, packaging materials, plastic containers and construction materials.