NGAI HING HONG provides one-stop 3D printing services

2018-08-23(Sources: NHH)


  Apart from devoting in plastics trading and manufacturing industry, Ngai Hing Hong (NHH) has been actively expanding into 3D printing materials market in recent years. Its one-stop 3D printing services including provide professional opinions, 3D printing materials and services. In order to meet the market requirements, NHH has its own well-trained competent technical team for new materials development. 



  Lately, NHH sponsored Hong Kong Polytechnic University Racing Team (HKPolyU Racing) by printing automotive components according to their designs and requirements. NHH suggested using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) to print steering handle and using a new engineering-grade 3D printing material—Carbon Fiber Filled PC Alloy (CF Filled PC Alloy), which was developed by NHH, to print spoiler Ribs.


CF Filled PC Alloy has high impact strength, high flexure modulus and not easy to bend. It also has low warping properties and hard to deform. With high chemical resistant and weatherable, it can be printed into automotive components or mechanical components such as gears and frameworks. It can be printed as different shapes of boards and components without moldings and its characteristics are fully complying with the requirements of HKPolyU Racing. They can see the product immediately, which would definitely reduce printing cost and enhance work efficiency.


NHH is committed to the mission of "using whatever it has taken from society to benefit society". Not only can this sponsorship drive Hong Kong's academic and technological development, but also encourage students to build up a positive attitude and spread “the spirit of innovative” throughout the community.


About HKPolyU Racing

HKPolyU Racing is the first university student formula team in Hong Kong. It was established in 2015 by 9 students who were majored in mechanical engineering. After its expansion, more than 70 multi-discipline students joined the team. They will represent Hong Kong university students to join the Formula Student Electric China Competition in the coming November.