Hong Kong's first college student Formula team
PolyU are prepared for China competition in October

2017-10-26(Source: NHH)

Ngai Hing Hong Company Limited (“NHH”) congratulates the first Hong Kong student E-Formula team, HKPolyU Racing, representing Hong Kong to participate in Hubei Xiangyang Competition ‘Formula Student China’, the FSC.

HKPolyU Racing was established by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“HKPolyU”) in 2015, at the beginning the team only had 9 students who were experienced in mechanical engineering, the team proposed to join Formula Competition as the Final Year Project. After its expansion in the past 2 years, HKPolyU Racing became an official student formula team and had more than 70 members. Team members are from different disciplines. Even clothing design, marketing plan and interior & exterior design, they take responsibilities by themselves. As a result, Hong Kong's first electric formula car, ‘HKF-01E’, was launched by these young inventors.

The processes of research and development, design and assembly are supported by HKPolyU and different sponsors. Eighty percent of the components are designed on their own. The front wing and internal structure were produced by 3D printing technology. The car body shell was made of carbon fiber technology and equipped with 80 kW dual motor and 400 volts self-assembled battery.

NHH believed that “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”. NHH would hope this sponsorship can encourage Hong Kong's academic and technological development.