This is not the original version. It is a translation from the original Chinese version.
Ngai Hing Hong: Colour Design Solution, make the colour masterbatchs begins on the starting point

2016-11-21(数据源: CPRJ中國塑料橡膠

Masterbatches, people usually thought colour matching was only done prior to production after the product has been designed. Dr. Wong Chi Ying, Anthony - the vice-chairman of Ngai Hing Hong (NHH) thinks that, the passive state of the masterbatches industry should be changed. “Sometimes, designer didn’t know which colour can be used on the plastic products. The Group (NHH) has a solution, through a range of colour design services, we discuss with designers to find out the best colour matching solution at the initial stage of design, shorten the product design cycle.” Dr. Wong says that.

The idea of colour design, means that Ngai Hing Hong is not only sales of the colourants, but a service oriented company. Ngai Hing Hong was established at 1970, listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong at 1994, With its special geographical and cultural advantages, NHH seeks out the new business models continuously, deals with the competition between the Multi - national companies and local companies in a nimble way, develops an unique path for their future development.

Different from the other Chinese companies, Ngai Hing Hong’s strategies are more rational and practical. She is not too anxious to expend the international market, but focus on the service. Dr. Wong thinks that as a service-oriented company, it’s an important thing to be close to the customer and be able to respond the customer’s needs swiftly . “We think China is one of the most important markets in the world, and we still have many opportunities to increase the market share in China , so why not focus on China first. Then we can start to take the international expansion into account, after being bigger and better."